The aim of this network is to train 11 Early Stage Researchers (SRs) in the disciplines of biology and technology that are needed to understand the evolutionary origins of measuring, modelling and controlling in relation to bioprocesses, in order to foster the development of high-tech products or services for livestock within industry. The overall goal of this network is to train young EU researchers in technology for livestock. This can only be gained if the scientific results lead to technical products which can later undergo product development and marketing strategies. This is realised by making them work as part of a team that is realising new products for biological processes. Also, the fellows that will be affiliated with academic partners will be encouraged to obtain a PhD and follow the necessary courses by the affiliated doctoral schools. Finally, additional training events have been foreseen to cover the topics that are considered of significant importance. The results of the individual fellows will then be evaluated by the industry and valorised. Researchers that will successfully complete the training program will be able to continue their career skills in different sectors of EU such as industry, civil service, academia, teaching or research institutions.

Training Objective
To stimulate interdisciplinary research, strengthen cross departmental and institutional links.