Science & Technology

The network will focus as well on research that will enhance animal welfare and health management. The main areas of interest are behaviour monitoring, disease detection and monitoring, process monitoring and management. We have chosen three specific project areas where fellows will go through a collaborative research and training.

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Product A
Improving Conditions for Incubating Eggs

Focus on the relationship between the environment and the embryonic development and by identifying optimal incubation conditions.
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Product B
Automatic Detection of Lameness in Cows  
The project focuses on developing an automatic algorithm for the detection of lameness in dairy cows using video images.
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Product C
Automatic Monitoring of Pig Aggression
Vision techniques offer possibilities for measuring behaviour parameters objectively and such measurements can be used for real time management systems for the improvement of the pig welfare.
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The young scientists will focus on issues related to the above areas, leading to new knowledge in concepts and understanding. Also, mathematical modelling techniques will be used that allow for the results to be quantified whilst providing insight to the biological process. Therefore, the research outcome of the project will be understanding and possibly explanation of the biological aspects of animal welfare and an automatic system for health and welfare animal monitoring. To develop sensing systems for continuous assessment of livestock health, welfare and performance

Product C