Bio-Business Publications

Type Year Authors Publication title
PUB 2010 Ozcan S. E., Andriessens S. , Berckmans D. Computational study of the heat transfer of an avian egg in a tray. Poultry Science 89(4): 776-784.
PUB 2010 De Boodt S., Truscello S., Ozcan S. E., Leroy T., Van Oosterwyck H., Berckmans D. , Schrooten J. Bi-modular flow characterization in tissue engineering scaffolds using computational fluid dynamics and particle imaging velocimetry. Tissue Eng Part C Methods.
PUB 2010 Valckx J., Pennings A., Leroy T., Berckmans D., Govers G., Hermy M. , Muys B. Automated observation and analysis of earthworm surface behaviour under experimental habitat quality and availability conditions. Pedobiologia 53(4): 259-263.
PUB 2010 Silva M. D., Van Brecht A., Exadaktylos V., Aerts J. M. , Berckmans D. Acoustic hatch monitor for egg incubation: Detection of internal pipping in an industrial incubator. Transactions of the ASABE 53(3): 847-851.
NAT 2013 national test publication